Sunday, March 10, 2013

T is for Transformation

Wow! It has been a long time since I have written and how our world has changed... After my wonderful experience at Kripalu the law of attraction became a positive reality for me. On a whim I responded to a post on the Today show about co-sleeping with your toddlers. There was a new study out that was saying that maybe co-sleeping didn't actually create trouble with your children after all... I commented in a snarky way and minutes later was contacted in my message box by a producer from the show! She said she wanted to speak with me via phone to see if our family would be appropriate to interview. To make a long story short this conversation turned into a full on on-camera interview in our home slated for Monday (it was Saturday)! This launched me into a full scale cleaning extravaganza and my children, husband and myself being seen on national television. We were a little unsure of which way they were going to spin it but Dr. Nancy Snyderman was actually quite supportive. It was really quite beautiful. While we were still on a high from this whirlwind summer, my husband got the news that his job was going to be cut by ten hours come December 2011. We had already been stretching it with his full time pay and although our family is very resourceful there was just no way we could survive on that salary. I began to seek full time employment and can to the realization that though I loved to stay home, I had the college degree. Toby and I agreed that whoever found a job that was the best option first would be the one to go to work. After a few dead end interviews I ended up being approached by the organization I was working for per diem. The executive director was ready to retire and had been for over a year. They had been searching for a replacement the year before but I was homeschooling and had just had the baby so it wasn't even on my radar. Needless to say the timing was impeccable and the job has been the greatest blessing for our family to date. I am the Executive Director of an agency who helps connect families of children with special needs in Oneonta, NY. Family Resource Network, Inc. is an amazing place filled with amazing people and has afforded my husband the opportunity to stay home with our children, garden, write and explore his own interests once again. I am currently trying to convince him to start a secular daddy homeschooling blog in his "spare" time hehe! We will keep you posted...

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