Sunday, June 12, 2011

V is for Victorious

This year has been full of trials both internal and external all of which have been overcome! We are reminded time after time, story after story, that we have made the right decision for our daughter and our family. Thankfully Kindergarten is non-compulsory in New York (as in most states) and it has been a year of trial and error with no one breathing down my neck. It has been a year of discovery with no limits!
We have all changed and grown so much. I can truly say I am a homeschooling advocate now. But just as with religion I will not proselytize to those who don't or can't see the way. I will give those advice who ask and help in anyway I can to make our community grow and our children flourish.
Last year when we were in the process of this decision we said that this needs to be looked at as a lifelong (or at least 13 year) process; not a trend, or a few year commitment. Just as parenthood, we made the decision and we will put forth whatever effort it takes to get through victorious. I am not going to lie, I have had to come to some realizations, especially when it came to relying on other people to come through on their end. I started the year with a pretty broad base of individuals willing to help us out, in return for some of the same. Slowly our resources dwindled, but such is life. We are however very blessed to still have a core group of amazing and creative people who have stuck it out with us. We have had a wonderfully successful playgroup weekly which the kids love and all the mommies seem grateful for(some much needed "grown-up" time.) An old family friend has religiously taught Sophia violin in return for a gallon of milk, weekly(you can't beat that price.)My sisters, and my cousin have been invaluable in their advice and materials to make my classroom a success- thank you! Sophia's got a great friend and in turn I have also found one in her Mom- she has provided me with tons of education materials-including the latest trend in literature based learning. Perhaps the most inspiring of all however is a Mom of three who has home schooled her children in a very similar fashion for many years now. She has been a sounding board, a huge resource and I can honestly say a friend at this point- THANK YOU! We truly feel grateful to have so many amazing people surrounding our family and this decision- you have all made this year a victory!!